• 'How Far Have We Come' solo exhibition - Ulster Hall, Belfast. September 2012.

  • 'Fragments II' Royal Ulster Academy's 132nd annual exhibition - Ulster Museum, Belfast. October 2013

  • Carhartt's 'Format Perspective' international group exhibition - London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Melbourne, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Lisbon, New York, Los Angeles, Malmo, Rio de Janeiro. July 2011 - July 2013

  • 'Lepidozomia Perofskyiana I' Royal Ulster Academy's 135th annual exhibition - Ulster Museum Belfast. October 2016

  • 'Where am in the photo' group exhibition in association with Belfast Photo Festival & Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast. February 2018.

  • 'Plants of the Tropical Ravine' group exhibition with Brian Ballard RUA, Lisa Ballard ARUA, & Diana Oxlade - Ulster Museum, Belfast. June 2018.

  • Strays’ group exhibition’ - East Side Arts Centre, Belfast. September 2018.


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  • Carhartt WIP's 'Format Perspective' book in association with the documentary video.

  • 'MTV's European Music Awards, Belfast' Event Guide.

  • 'Stu Robinson Digressions' interview in issue 220 Sidewalk Mag.

  • 'Still Shooting on Film' gallery Issues 2-5 North Skate Mag.

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  • Vague Magazine, 6th issue ‘Art Gallery’ section.

  • Vague Magazine, 7th issue ‘ Preaching to the Converted’ intro article.


  • ‘Identity Matters’ limited edition photozine held in the Irish Photobook Collection established by Martin Parr. 2019